You are the Space Marauder, a famed Mercenary who arrives at a popular sector at the border of the Human territory in the deep space, coming without a contract - just to refill at Mesa Station, only to meet fate heads-on as you land in the midst of a full scale alien invasion. Do or die, Space Marauder - the fate of Mankind lies in your hands.

Controls - Movement:

W - Go Forwards

S - Go Backwards

Mouse Cursor - Turn to Cursor position

Hold Shift - Activate Afterburner

Controls - Combat:

Left Click - Shoot currently selected weapon

Right-Click - Shoot Missile (if you have some!)

B - Drop Vortex Bomb (if you have some!)

1 - Change Weapon to Main Laser

2 - Change Weapon to Plasmaball (once unlocked)

3 - Change Weapon to Scattershot (once unlocked)

4 - Change Weapon to Fusion Beam (once unlocked)

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